Applications of Epidemiology – A Case Study Custom Paper

To present a balanced view of an ethical issue; to clearly articulate both sides of an ethical issue;
To identify an ethical framework, model, theory, or set of principles and describe its application to an ethical issue.
Assignment Guidelines

Choose an ethical issue in health care and/or nursing. State why this issue is of importance to society.
Clearly state your evidence-based position as a nurse on this issue. Identify the values (personal, professional, and/or institutional) underpinning your position.
Clearly state at least one other position (or “side”) to this issue. This position also needs to be grounded in the evidence. Speculate as to the values (personal, professional, and/or institutional) underpinning this opposing position.
Include a discussion describing the use of an ethical framework, model, theory, or the ethical principles to support your position on this issue.
Conclude with a brief summary as to why you believe your position is the best position on this issue.
Paper should be eight pages in length, excluding the title page and references list.
Content of Paper (70%)

Each element of the assignment guidelines is addressed.
Paper integrates material from the textbook, course references and/or other scholarly sources including at least FOUR PEER-REVIEWED JOURNALS
Critical inquiry, analysis, and synthesis are evident.
Scholarly Format of Paper (30%)

The paper:
is clearly written;
is within page limit;
contains accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
adheres to APA (6th edition) format.

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