Aspects of advanced nursing.

Read Manley’s (1997) paper describing a conceptual framework for the advanced practitioner / consultant nurse.

Manley K. (1997) A conceptual framework for advanced practice: an action research project operationalizing an advanced practitioner / consultant nurse role. Journal of Clinical Nursing6, 179 – 190.

Consider you own strengths and development needs in each of the four ‘integrated subroles’ Manley describes:

Expert practitioner




Are there any other aspects of the advanced nursing role which are important to you or relevant to your post?

Something related to nursing education

Section 1c – attributes of advanced practice nursing

Read Dowling et al’s (2013) concept analysis of advanced practice nursing.

Dowling M., meauchesne M., Farrelly F. and Murphy K. (2013) Advanced practice nursing: a concept analysis. International Journal of Nursing Practice 19, 131-140.

What are the strengths and limitations of this paper?

Reflect on the seven generic abilities and core competencies described in Table 1 (page 132).

Are any of these particularly relevant to your own personal and professional development?

Coaching and guidance


Direct clinical care

Clinical judgment and decision making skills

Dowling et al (2013) identify four key attributes of advanced practice nursing:

Clinical expertise
Role development (expansion/extension beyond that of the ‘basic’ registered nurse role)

Are there any attributes that you would particularly like to develop in your own nursing role? Why?

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