Assisted Dying and the Impact on Nurses in the UK Custom Essay

Assisted Dying and the Impact on Nurses in the UK

This article explores the professional legal and ethical issues of assisted dying in the United Kingdom, with emphasis on how arguments both for and against impact the nursing profession. Key words: – Assisted Dying – Assisted suicide – Suicide act – Nursing role Article

Assisted dying is one of the most controversial issues currently being debated in Britain, whether pro or anti each side presents compelling and passionate arguments. Rarely is the subject out of the media’s spotlight and the ethical issues surrounding the topic are hotly debated. With public opinion seemingly shifting to a more accepting nature towards the concept (Hendry et al, 2012), and with certain European countries and American states successfully legalizing and implementing it… will Britain follow suit? If so what impact will this have on the nursing staff of our country? This article will clarify the current legal standpoint for nurses in the UK, and will also explore the various ethical dilemmas the topic brings forth.

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