Choose a particular aspect of a culture related to a clinical encounter/experience you have had

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The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate your understanding of the theoretical concepts
discussed in the course and your ability to apply the theory to practice. Choose a particular aspect of a culture related to a clinical encounter/experience you have had. There are several different elements that are critical to this assignment:
•Description: Begin with a description of your chosen aspect of a culture related to your clinical
•Reflection & Analysis: Analyze the chosen aspect/scenario/encounter from the emic
(insider) as well the etic (outsider) perspective. In your analysis include reflections from
your own experiences and views, nursing science literature, and concepts from the cultural
care framework.
•Conclusions & Implications for practice: Conclude with the summary of the “gaps: that exist
between perspectives and identify strategies for addressing the gap from a nursing
practice perspective.
•The length of the paper is expected to be 5 pages not including title page and references.
In addition to the relevant ideas from the textbook and professional nursing associations you must include at least 5 scholarly references that you located independently (students are not to share resources).

Scholarly Paper must be submitted to the course professor through Moodle (Due Midnight of
October 15, 15%).

Grading Criteria:
Substance: Sound ideas relate directly to your examination of the aspect of a culture in the scenario/encounter from both a personal and a scientific perspective; analysis and synthesis of ideas, incorporating relevant course literature and course concepts.
Clarity: Includes introduction and conclusion; logical flow of ideas; precise use of language; appropriate APA format; grammatically correct sentences; no spelling errors; overall coherence.
Originality: Accurate, meaningful, and creative integration. (Compare 2 cultures of your choice and the text book uploaded must be one of the references.)

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