Code Of Ethics For Filipino Nurses Custom Essay

WHEREAS, the Board of Nursing (BON) has the power to promulgate a Code of Ethics for

Registered Nurses in coordination and consultation with the accredited professional

organization (Sec. 9, (g), Art III of (Republic Act) No. 9173, known as the “Philippine Nursing

Act of 2002);

WHEREAS, in the formulation of the Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses, the Code of Good

Governance for the Professions in the Philippines was utilized as the principal basis thereof:

All the principles under the said Code were adopted and integrated into the Code of Ethics

as they apply to the nursing profession;

WHEREAS, the promulgation of the said Code as a set of guidelines, regulations or measures

shall be subject to approval by the Commission (Sec. 9, Art. II of R.A. No. 9173); and

WHEREAS, the Board, after consultation on October 23, 2003 at Iloilo City with the accredited

professional organization of registered nurses, the Philippine Nurses Association, Inc.

(PNA), and other affiliate organizations of Registered Nurses, decided to adopt a new Code

of Ethics under the afore-mentioned new law;

NOW, THERFORE, the Board hereby resolved, as it now resolves, to promulgate the hereunder

Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses:

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