Dealing with diversity issue among staff

1.Search at 3 databases ex. CINAHL, Medline, Cochrane, or Pubmed.2. Identify 3 research articles from each database that are relevant to the topic. it should reflect EBP 3. find a website related to the topic ex AHC, identified information in the website one can use to educate health professional about the topic. 4. type a description of the literature search including the following headings and information. A. Introduction- briefly present he topic, why it was chosen, the important to nursing and the research question asked. B. Search Strategy- describe the search strategy used in each database. include the database searched in, the keywords used and results.Explain refining and expanding the initial search strategy to find relevant research articles for the topic. in one sentence, describe what the article is about and the type of article ex case study,quantitative research, qualitative research, or literature review. identified the website used. For educational information, provide a rationale for why you think the information is or is not reliable and useful. C. Evaluation- evaluate your experience with the article. The paper should be double-spaced and no longer than 4 pages.

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