Discharge Planning

Discharge Planning Essay Assignment Paper

Before you start your essay, think about what sort of management would be most suitable for Mrs Meeha and here family and what members of the nursing / MDT team would be able to provide care for Mrs Meeha and review the evidence in the literature to support this. From you knowledge and understanding of the patient’s condition- diabetes and the discussion on discharge planning from the discharge board formulate a discharge plan for Mrs Meeha and include this as an appendix 1. You will need to make reference to your discharge plan in your essay.

Discharge Planning

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Discharge Planning

The essay will need to address the following

• A clear introduction stating your aims for the essay
• The essay will need to define key terms in the discussion
• It will also need to clearly identify what package of care is being utilized for Mrs Meeha

• Define discharge planning; is the discharge for this scenario simple or complex? What factors need to be considered when planning discharge and what MDT professionals would be involved? Make reference to the discharge plan you have formulated for Mrs Meeha (scans of current hospital care pathways not acceptable)
• What is the significance of involving the patient with a LONG TERM CONDITION(LTC) and their family in the discharge process? Make clear reference to Mrs Meeha circumstances and conditions and the concept of empowerment
• Why is communication important when planning discharge and what strategies would be utilized for this specific scenario to ensure a safe discharge
• Conclusion that clearly summaries the key issues

– please state if the discharge is simple or complex
– asking family patient and family if they can cope, if they need support at home after discharge
– discharge checklist (will be uploaded)
– please discuss how planning discharge from admission and putting in place care package as early as possible makes the discharge go smoothly.
– when involving social services as one of the MDT, section 2 and 5 will be very useful when planning the discharge (http://www.nhsimas.nhs.uk/fileadmin/Files/ECIST_Conference_October_2012/ECIST_papers/FINAL_ECIST_Paper_3_-__Priorities_for_Discharging_Older_People_from_Hospital_1_October_2012.pdf)

– minimum of 18 references
– strictly UK references
– please do not forget the APPENDIX to be written separately after the essay (how the discharge planning was formulated)
– rationale for every decision made (include literature to back it up)
– discuss statistics of re-hospitalization and how to avoid this.
– mrs meeha and family will need education

This is an academic essay and therefore must be written in an objective manner. Please access the tutorials and learning materials from “writing” in the Learning Development Unit page via My Learning. Please use size 12 Arial font and double spacing your work prior to submission via TURNITIN. When submitting your file into TURNITIN you need to name your file as following: Surname, Initial, Student number, LTC

• Students are informed that in essays and other academic work any reference to the following MUST be anonymised so they cannot be identified by the marker or any other person.
• This includes:
• Names of patients / clients / service users
• Names of relatives / carers
• Ward / Department / Team names
• Trust / Hospital names
• Names of colleagues
• Students are also advised that if organisational documents are included as appendices in academic work (eg care plans, observation charts, policies) then the names / titles of units / service users must be blacked out to ensure that the organisation cannot be identified.

• Students are also informed that any instance where confidentiality is not maintained may breach the NMC, HCPC or other regulatory body professional code and as such, further action may be taken. This may take the form of either an academic or a professional sanction or both.

• Any concerns about lack of confidentiality will be clearly identified and documented in the student’s assessment feedback. There are three levels of confidentiality breach: major; medium and minor. The academic sanctions for these are given below.

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