Down Syndrome Disease

Down Syndrome Disease

TOTAL POINTS POSSIBLE: 50 POINTS REQUIREMENTS: Select a disease process, preferably one that is not covered in this course. Please select from any of the body systems covered in the course (i.e. the pulmonary, cardiovascular, integumentary, or hematologic system, or cancer). Be sure to have your faculty member approve your selection (your faculty member will determine how you submit your topic for approval). After getting approval for your selection, describe the selected disease process by addressing the topics below and in the rubric.

PREPARING THE ASSIGNMENT: Please include the following in your paper:

body system with name of disease, etiology, risk factors, pathophysiological process, clinical manifestations and complications, and diagnostics. Please remember to use proper APA style for your paper.

1) Select a disease process from any of the body systems covered in the course (i.e.; the hematologic system, or reproductive systems, gastrointestinal, endocrine, musculoskeletal, neurosensory, renal, etc) or from the reproductive system (not covered in this course). 2) Obtain approval of the selected disease from the course faculty. 3) Write a 2-3 page paper(excluding title and reference pages). Include the following information (also outlined in the grading rubric) about the selected disease process:

a. Introduction of disease

Etiology and risk factors

c. Pathophysiological processes d. Clinical Manifestations & Complications

e. Diagnostics

4) Be sure to provide a reference list in APA format.

NR283 Pathophysiological Processes Guidelines.

a. A minimum of two (2) scholarly, primary sources are required.

b. Given the nature of the research, current literature is preferred (within 5years)

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