ethical dilemma paper

Here is the scenerio
I have an ethical dilemma paper to write about a 13 yr old boy with crohns disease who also developed an abscess, has a drainage bag to drain the abscess. Admitted in the hospital. Has a Central line, on TPN FEEDING, which is ( Total parental feeding) . parent are asking the doctor when the patient will be discharge home.
please find attached the template to write on and. please use the template and answer all question accordingly. You also have to use (ANA 2015 CODE OF CONDUCT PROVISION TO SUPPORT YOUR WRITING .) My instructor said the first three or two provisions can be use, not all, since there are so many provisions . you will be able see it and understand the ” ANA” once you visit the websites . I have also attached a completed paper of my friend as a guide. please reference perfectly, also my school uses ” TURN IT IN” for plagiarism , so all must be in your own words .

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