Ethical Health Promotion Essay Assignment Paper

 Ethical Health Promotion Essay Assignment Paper

Ethical Health Promotion Paper

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Ethical Health Promotion Paper
Ethical promotion in healthcare supports a variety of characteristics such as effective communication, responsibility, trust, fair medical usage, and respect among patients and providers. Healthcare ethics principles include the following: informed consent, fair treatment, personal privacy security, and the safety and preservation of confidentiality and regard for the client. This paper, which is based on a chosen academic peer-reviewed journal, covers the topic of ethical health promotion. It provides a short overview of the problem at hand, the position of health care professionals in addressing the ethical dilemma, and the particular ideas, along with ethical codes, that the authors believe justify their stance.

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Summary of the Issue Presented.
Inequities in health care is the ethical problem that has been identified. (Cohen & Marshall, 2017) performed research to determine if public health promotion aims to reduce health disparities in the general population.  the public healthcare system is well-positioned to play a leading advocacy function in driving multi-sector effort to address the socioeconomic determinants of health inequalities; yet, evidence indicates that this role has not yet been fully fulfilled. A recent study by (Cohen & Marshall, 2017) asserts that inequalities in healthcare are created in a systematic manner, demonstrating the differences across individuals in the basic social and economic circumstances required for good health.
The Role Health Care Professionals in Resolving This Ethical Issue
Transforming nursing education to place a greater emphasis on the concept of mutuality may help healthcare professionals restore their ability for caring, interpersonal practice, and social discipline. This will guarantee that everybody, irrespective of their socioeconomic position, color, or ethnicity, gets reciprocal care. In addition, healthcare professionals may advocate for nurse-managed basic care and work to change state and local laws and national ones in order to improve equality, accessibility, and healthcare safety (Arcaya et al., 2015). They have complete authority to care for the most downtrodden members of society. Health care professionals are uniquely positioned to address health inequities by fostering accessibility to quality health care for people from a variety of different backgrounds. However, we must acknowledge that in order to do so, they must first identify and pay attention to the cultural beliefs of the people with whom they are working.
Theories and Ethical Codes.
In this particular instance, I would propose four theories. Artifact, structural, and behavioral theories are among those considered. These concepts are the most important contributors to health disparities; the artifact theory argues that health inequalities are based on the belief that the relationship between status and health is artificial rather than genuine (Arcaya et al., 2015). It is caused by either insufficient assessment of health or social status, or by the connection between the two variables. In the context of cultural and behavior theory, culture is ascribed to certain behaviors that have an effect on health as well. Diet and exercise, as well as alcohol use and smoking, are all examples of risky habits. They are considered as cultural in nature since they should be within the control of the person. If you compare it to people who utilize public transportation, you have an easily available mode of transportation at any time. Finally, the ethical code of justice and fairness requires all health-care professionals to serve as advocates for their patients and to maintain a sense of balance while providing treatment to all patients, regardless of their social, economic, or racial background. This will allow us to go another step forward in our efforts to reduce health-care disparities. Each patient has the right to get justice and fairness.
Arcaya, M. C., Arcaya, A. L., & Subramanian, S. V. (2015). Inequalities in health: definitions, concepts, and theories. Global health action, 8, 27106.
Cohen, B. E., & Marshall, S. G. (2017). Does public health advocacy seek to redress health inequities? a scoping review. Health & Social Care in the Community, 25(2), 309–328.

Find a scholarly, peer-reviewed article no more than four years old that discusses an ethical health promotion-related issue.

In your paper:

Briefly summarize the presented issue.
Describe your thoughts on the role health care professionals should play in resolving the ethical issue.
Provide specific theories and refer to specific ethical codes to support your position.
Your paper should be 2–3 pages long. Use APA to cite and reference the article and any other optional sources you use. Adhere to APA formatting throughout your paper.

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