Expression of a protein in an insect

1) Expression of a protein in an insect cell using the baculovirs method relies upon:
A)Creation of a fusion protein
B) Creation of a recombinant virus
C) Creation of an artificial chromosome
D)None of the above
2) In an SDS-PAGE, SDS is a:
A) Detergent
B) Base
C) Acid
D) Electrolyte
3) An 2-D protein gel combines an SDS-PAGE gel with:
A) Mass spectroscopy
B) Charge equilibrium
C) Isoelectric focusing
D) Mass balance correction
4) Which protein detection method is able to measure the distance of molecular interaction by
utilizing phenomenology based upon the transfer of energy?
A) Far Western analysis
B) Phage display
C) Co-immuno-precipitation
D) Florescent resonance
5) Which is NOT a method used to transfer DNA into a mammalian cell?
A)Direct physical introduction
B) Lithium acetate
C) Viral infection
D)Inorganic salt complex 6) When constructing a protein expression vector for a eukaryotic system which is NOT required?
A) A selectable eukaryotic marker gene
B) Eukaryotic transcription stop signals
C) A eukaryotic telomere sequence
D) A eukaryotic promotor sequence
D) 7) Which an advantage of a bacterial expression system?
Minimally complex growth media
Slow cell growth
Secretion to the medium
Proper post-translational folding
8) If you are asked to identify the presence of protein X in a mixture of 100 proteins (you have
sequence information on that protein and an antibody) which ONE of the following methods will
you use?
A)Silver Staining
B) Coomassie Blue
C) Western Blot
D)Real time RT-PCR
9) Which array would you chose to monitor cell surface characteristics globally?
D) Antibody microarray
Reverse-phase protein array
Proteome microarray
Lectin microarray Short Answer: Provide specific answers in your own words. 1. Describe the three main steps used when analyzing a molecule (protein) through Ion Mass Spectrometry
(10 pts)
2. You are a researcher working on human cancer. You have access to the following capabilities in your
laboratory; co-immunoprecipitation, FRET, Chromatin Immunoprecipitation, or Far Western Blot. Your
team believes a mutation in a hypothetical growth hormone (overdrive) is associated with ovarian
cancer. Pick any one of the available capabilities and develop an experiment designed to investigate if
the overdrive-cancer link is a plausible hypothesis. (20 pts)

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