Health Policy, Legislation, Regulation, Finance And Nursing Practice Essay Assignment Paper

Health Policy, Legislation, Regulation, Finance And Nursing Practice Essay Assignment Paper

Health Policy, Legislation, Regulation, Finance And Nursing Practice
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Health Policy, Legislation, Regulation, Finance, And Nursing Practice
Relationship between health policy and legislation, regulation, finance, and nursing practice
The success of a government in governance and protection of the citizens is considered in their welfare. Freeman et al., (2018) mentions that the modern health policies and initiatives are a combination of different complex legal, regulation and financial decisions that affects the nursing practice. As such, an effective health policy will require collective efforts from different organs both in the private and public sectors. The efforts are broadly categorized into policy development and regulations that governs the nursing practice. For instance, the nurses and health care practice is dependent on the policies and industrial set standards that determine the value of practice. On the other hand, financial measures are set to develop a correlation between the legislation and practice. The government in this case sets the standards and policies that affects the health care industry. In turn, the policies and regulations help to develop regulations and standards that are then determined by the financial obligations.

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Relation between Health Policies and Finance
Finances affects health policies in two ways; availability of services and the ability of the citizens to purchase the services. In light to the effects of finances on the health policies, Kuo et al., (2017) discusses the issues of the financial crisis. Additionally, as witnessed in third world countries, a reduction of capital or income affects the health of the people and their access of better health services. As such, fiscal constraints affect a nations or government’s ability to purchase policy objectives or implementation of reforms that affects the general population. Cubanski et al., (2019) adds that countries with weak health policies encounter challenges in attaining sustained health developments.
The evolution of health financing has evolved immensely over the last century. Heath care was designed for a life expectancy of 60-65 years, however, with advances in technology and medical care life expectancy has been increased to about 80 years (Cubanski, 2019). This shift has changed the savings and working landscape requiring the government to develop sufficient policies to finance a sustainable health system. prolonged life requires better develop health care infrastructure and this issue as the core of all living requires the government to develop policies of sustained living. Freeman et al., (2018) provides that a rise in economic growth is directly proportional to life expectancy.
Economics Politics Policies Finance
The growth of a nation attributes to increased savings and prolonged life. The government develops regulations and practices that governs the needs of the growing population. Therefore, policies are the end results of a political process. Usually, they are designed to elaborate the issues of the common people. The level of finance is attributed to access to health care and provision of services both in the private and public sector.

Practice and Finance
Changes in the health care practice are determined to affect the financial obligations of a nation. In the heated debate and ethical situation of social health insurance, the government of America has encountered an increase in the cost of health care. The Medicaid and Medicare programs estimates that in the year 2016 the growth of health care expenditure was more than 6 percent of the budget. Cubanski et al., (2019) discusses that the observed increase in health care expenditure is shaped by the means of service delivery to the people. In conclusion, the manner through which health care practice is carried out affects the overall expenditure of individuals, institutions and governments.

On the other hand, holding the hypothesis that increased economic outcomes lead to increased life expectancy and savings develops a second perspective that with increased income populations would demand better services. As such, an increased demand of health services indicates a change in health care practice and also an increase in financial obligations (Kuo et al., 2017). Development of health practices can be summed up as high quality and coordinated care services. Improvement of the quality and safety of care in the hospitals and other health settings. Fundamentally, changes in practice requires development of professionalism and increased expenditure in education of physicians and the local communities. Essentially, a development of health care practices leads to an increased financial obligation both individually, institutionally and the government.
Legislation and Regulation
Legislation as developed and implemented by the government or a regulating body helps to develop the standard practices adopted by the health care industry. For instance, the recent pandemic has seen different countries and counties imposing measures of control. The idea of limiting social gathering and participation although perceived as a public policy it is a legislative measure of regulating health care practices. Additionally, with exposure of different healthcare workers to the covid-19 virus the government has set a number of monitoring and prevention programs to the healthcare workforce. Major legislative programs that regulate health care practice include drug improvement and modernization programs and patient affordable care act. To this light, health care practices are affected by the cost of services, conditions of living and access to health care. It develops a relation between the legislature, policies, regulation of practice and the financial obligation of the nation.

Freeman, D. S., Hudgins, C., & Hornberger, J. (2018). Legislative and policy developments and imperatives for advancing the Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH) model. Journal of clinical psychology in medical settings, 25(2), 210-223.
Kuo, Y. F., Loresto Jr, F. L., Rounds, L. R., & Goodwin, J. S. (2017). States with the least restrictive regulations experienced the largest increase in patients seen by nurse practitioners. Health Affairs, 32(7), 1236-1243.
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Create a visual representation of the relationship between health policy and legislation, regulation, finance, and practice. You can use PPT or in a paper insert tables, student developed graphics or other visual representations with appropriate citations.

Show dependencies and interrelation.

Analyze how each aspect is connected to the others.

Provide examples of the interconnected relationships from your experience.

Format your visual representation in Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Microsoft® or other program approved by the instructor.

Format your assignment as one of the following:
o 16- to 18-slide presentation: Speaker notes that utilize integrated professional citations are required for each slide.
o 875-word paper

Cite 3 peer reviewed references within the last 5 years

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