First Reflection Essay Assignment Paper

First Reflection Essay Assignment Paper

First Reflection Essay Assignment Paper

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Writing is a way that people use to express themselves, interface ideas and thought and to prove a point. In my past writing experience, I had always struggled with writing, most especially using details and composing my work. In my formative days, my parents kept on pushing me to read and write. They encouraged me to compose more papers so that I could improve on my writing skills. Even though I disliked writing at my young age, I slowly grew interest in writing. My interest was attributed to by the fact that I could change the way I write and do it from a personal point of view. This way, I could now write creatively and prove my point. My favorite writing as I was growing up was composing short stories especially the scary ones. I was so creative about those stories and even made them realistic.

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Currently, I have been practicing on how to compose a perfect essay. To write an essay, I always plan well before fully composing the final draft. First, I write an outline of the essay I want to write, and a draft of the thesis statement. After this, I now compose the final essay. However, I get challenges when writing the thesis statement because my entire essay depends on it. I spend a lot of time formulating how to state a significant thesis statement, keeping in mind that my whole essay will be a summary of this statement. Mainly, every essay requires citation at the end of it. I have confidence in citing any essay I compose. The confidence developed from exercising citation from various citing websites. These websites proved citing a simple process which is currently my easiest part of composing an essay. Whenever I present my essays to my instructor, there is always a compliment on how well I am progressing with my writing skills which motivates me to write more. However, my instructor points out the specific points I should improve on which mostly is the part of thesis statement.
I believe that it is easier to write to a friend or a family member than doing it to a teacher or any other profession. Writing to a teacher is way more complex because it involves making sure that the paper is perfect and on point, and reaches the state of protection. Further, writing to a teacher requires observation of all instructions, composed in the right format, include a great thesis statement, avoid too long and confusing sentences and should convey the point of the essay. On the other hand, writing for a friend or a family member is simpler as it is more of an informal writing. When writing to a friend, I usually do not focus on the writing format and pay little attention on my thesis statement.
My aim in writing is to gain more knowledge on how to compose a perfect essay, an interesting story, formal letters, and course assignments. I am expecting and willing to learn new genres and rhetorical situations. Also, I am aiming at gaining knowledge in drafting a thesis statement with ease. Through this, I believe to improve in my overall academics and become proficient in writing. In the end, I aim to taking my writing skills to a higher level and composing something advanced, different from my usual writings. I anticipate to be recognized as a great writer in future having composed great and competent stories and essays globally. I would love to hear what my peers and course mates think about my writing experiences and my writing goals, and how they can help me improve.
I have attached a screenshot of a part of my previous composed essay with a highlighted thesis statement in which my instructor required me to add more details to make it significance and match the entire essay.

Complete the requirements in each step in a Word-compatible document.

Step 1: Reflect
Consider your past writing experiences. Look back and think critically (carefully, deliberately, and methodically) about your past experiences composing and writing, and how you feel about writing as a result.

Step 2: Brainstorm
Brainstorm ideas for your reflection, keeping in mind that roughly half of your reflection should be spent on both Looking Back and Looking Forward. Use the following questions to help you generate (invent) ideas. Choose the questions that resonate with you; you do not need to cover all of the questions, but you should have a fairly equal balance between the two categories.

Looking Back Looking Forward
What kinds of writing do you have experience with? Describe those experiences.
What kinds of writing are part of your workplace? Your social life? Your academic life?
How confident do you feel about those types of writing? Why do you feel that way?
What kinds of writing habits have you developed? Which habits help you? Which habits hold you back?
How have the perceptions of others (such as teachers or peers) about your writing impacted your identity as a writer?
How do you feel about yourself as a writer? What is your current identity as a writer/composer?
What new media would you like to try composing in?
What kinds of writing would you like to experiment with?
What writing practices, strategies, and habits do you want to practice and strengthen?
What type of writing identity would you like to have? How would you like to feel about yourself as a writer? How would you like others to see you as a writer?
Step 3: Compose
Compose the story of your writing experiences and goals as an integrated narrative. Do not simply answer the questions above; use the questions as a brainstorming and planning tool to help you dig deep as you process this learning experience for yourself and prepare a detailed written reflection for others.
Organize your ideas in a way that helps your reader understand

your writing goals,
the evolution of your writing,
and your perceptions about yourself as a writer.
Support your claims with evidence that explains why you feel the way you do. Include:

detailed explanations
parts of texts you have written
visuals that support the message of the written text.
Step 3: Include Visual Examples
Include 1-2 visual examples (or evidence) of your experience with writing. Spend time selecting important examples that will show your readers something meaningful. This might include:

Engaging visuals, videos, or even audio content
Screenshots of your previous work or feedback (a great way to show evidence)
Design features (such colored text, white space, and headings) to emphasize key words and phrases
Step 3: Revise and Proofread
Revise and proofread your reflection for overall organization and flow within each paragraph.

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