Formative Evaluation

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Once you conduct a formative evaluation, write a double-spaced report at least 6 pages in length.  You will conduct a one-on-one formative evaluation with at least three learners.

Write a report in which you describe specifically the procedures you used for the one-on-one evaluation of your product. Discuss in detail what the purpose of your method was, how you selected your learners (i.e. how will you know that they are representative?) and what the tests and instructional materials you used were.

In addition, include what you learned specifically about your materials from the one-on-one evaluation and then revise the instructional materials if the formative evaluation results suggested any modifications.

A basic part of this report should be a summary and discussion of the actual performance of the subjects who received instruction from your instructional material. It needs to also summarize your perception of the strengths and weaknesses of the your instructional material (s) in the discussion of your data.

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If time allows, it is also strongly encouraged for you to conduct a small-group formative evaluation (with at least five learners from the target population). This is not required considering the time constraints. No late submission of the final project (2-4) will be accepted.

Evaluation Criteria

Describe the purpose of the your formative evaluation.

Describe characteristics of one-on-one learners (selection).

Describe all the materials and instruments used in the one-on-one evaluation (attach surveys, interview items).

Describe the procedures in one-on-one evaluation.

Present the data (including tables and charts) from one-on-one evaluation & discuss the data.

Describe revisions made to instruction and assessment.

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