Guide for Developing a Policy on Child Guidance

Guide for Developing a Policy on Child Guidance

Use the following available resources to you: WI State Regulations DCF 251 and PPTs posted on Blackboard
“Each day care center shall have a written policy which provides for positive guidance, redirection and the setting of clear-cut limits for the children.The policy shall be designed to help a child develop self-control, self-esteem and respect for the rights of others.”
You MUST follow this format, do not write general paragraphs containing all the information about guidance, redirection, setting limits, etc.It is reader-friendlier if this format is followed.Since this is a document created with parents in mind, both, the questions and answers MUST be included.
I. What is your philosophy of guidance?

1.When will guidance take place?(Consider 4 guidelines for setting limits)

2.What methods of guidance will be used?

3.What methods will not be used?

4.How will teachers be instructed in abuse/neglect?

5.Define guidance, redirection, setting limits and time out. (See DCF 251)
II. Guidance of children

6. A. What behavior will teachers model?
C.How will you reinforce positive behavior?

7.How will negotiations with children promote positive behavior?

8.How will the set-up of the room promote positive behavior?

9.A. How many activities will be teacher directed?
B.Child initiated?

10. How does the daily schedule impact guidance?

Guide for Developing a Policy on Child Guidance

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11. A. What ideas/activities will you include for children that will help child in areas of guidance?
B.What types of directions will be given to children?

12.How will teachers improve their own guidance skills?
III. Problem Solving and Redirection

13.List ways to avoid behavior problems?

14.How and when will you modify the environment?

15.What warning signals can be observed in children when discipline problems are about to occur?

16.What specific guidance techniques will teachers use?

17.Give an example of when or if you will use redirection and substitution; state the age of the child for this example.

18.A. How will limits be set on spitting?
B. Hitting?
C. Biting?
D. Other inappropriate behaviors
IIII. Setting Clear Limits

19.How will teachers set limits WITH children?

20.What guidelines will be followed? (Why set a limit?)
21.How will the limits be prioritized?

22.A.Will time-out be used?
B.What age will be included in time-out?
C.What criteria will be used to use time- out?
D.What about removal and set apart?

23.List examples of methods used to set limits with children?
V. Development of Self-control, Self-esteem, Respect

24.A. Describe techniques teachers use to affirm/to promote self-esteem while guiding children?
D.Physical redirection?
E.Other appropriate techniques-be specific.

25.A.How is respect shown for the child? By teachers and other children?
B.Warning before an activity ceases.
C.Respect for child as an individual
D.Respect for child’s belongings.

26.How are children provided with acceptable avenues for release of feelings? Discuss acceptable ways of expressing strong, negative or positive feelings. How are children encouraged to show feelings? Deal with their own and others feelings? Specifically taught to express themselves in appropriate ways?

27.A.What techniques, etc. will teachers use to maintain a good rapport between themselves and children?
B.Among the children?
VI. Delegation of Setting Limits, Guidance, Redirection

28.Who can/cannot guide children?

29.How are teachers oriented to the program’s written policy?

30.How will staff be given additional information on the written policy or made aware of any changes in the policy on a regular basis?
VII. Prohibited Punishments

31.How are the punishments prohibited by the licensing rules spelled out in the program’s policy?

32.Specifically, how are teachers made aware of the prohibited punishments?

33.What types of punishment are prohibited?
**** Quote the Licensing Rules on DCF 251 on prohibited punishments exactly and copy this into the written policy. Quote only the rules, not the explanation.

34.Are other types of punishment prohibited in addition to those prohibited by licensing rules? List them.

35.How does guidance for the infant or toddler differ from guidance with 3-5 year-old?

36.What is the center policy for a child care teacher who punishes children in a manner prohibited by the licensing rules and/or center policy?

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