Identify and describe a recent change occurring in your workplace

See attachment for details regarding this assignment , it is important that the similarity scores stay below 15% this is critical for the Contemporary Nusing assignment . Detail explanations must be giving and APOA format must be implore for both documents .

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SECTION AStep 1: Write 3-4 sentences answering the following questions:Identify and describe a recent change occurring in your workplace. It could be a change in the levels of staffing, a change in policy, such as time off or tuition reimbursement, a change in use of equipment or supplies, a change in charting/computerized medical records, etc. Describe the change in 4 sentences. 1 of the sentences should address the rationale for the change. Step 2: Begin researching scholarly articles for the past five years related to the change issue identified in Step 1. Complete a 6 columns table of the references found including the following: Author Last name, First Initial (year)Title of article.Title Of Publication,Volume # (Issue #)pages of the article. Submit the Reference List Table to your instructor through the “course assignment area”. A minimum of (6) scholarly references are needed to complete this assignments- you may find more. SAMPLEChange Issue: Low census staffing policy.Currently, staff go home when the patient census is low based on tenure, so that the same staff are continually going home resulting in a lower paychecks for these nurses. The proposed change is to rotate all staff to leave when the census is low, regardless of tenure so the burden of potentially lower pay is shared among the entire staff, and not the same few.Author Last Name, First Initial.(Year).Title of Article.Title of Publication,Volume #(Issue #),Pages.1. Smith, A.(2011).Low census staffing: Making it fair.Journal of Scholarly Affairs,1(4),110-113.SECTION BWritten communications in nursing incorporates the use of evidence or research published in the literature from scholarly references. Scholarly references are defined as work which is peer reviewed and published in a professional journal. For example, any of the literature in the Library, would be considered scholarly references. Using published research to support the viewpoint of nursing, especially in cases being made for change,…

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