Improving Organizational Patient Safety By Implementing Just Culture Concept

-Significance of the project
Detailed description of the innovation or programmatic change contained in the quality improvement project. Include a description of the key players (by position titles only).
Evidence from the literature that support change
Results of the project or project planning
Conclusions about the project plans and the projects effect on nursing care
Recommendations for future action
Details about the plan and project must include a financial analysis of the costs to the institution related to the project. A financial plan:
-Include potential revenue source
-anticipated use of resources
-expected financial outcomes including (actual projected dollars, not a description)
-Financial Plan must include (non productive time) average nurses salary+ length of in service (2 hours)+cost of supplies + costs of educator’s salary. Add 25% overhead to cover cost of electricity.
A step by step plan to manage the change process
Description of key players whose support is critical to the project’s success
Summarize the report in separate executive summary, not to exceed one page. The 1-page executive summary must provide essential details about the project including a concise statement of the project cost and projected outcome.
A financial plan including, potential revenue source, anticipated use of resources, and expected financial outcomes in included, including actual projected dollars, not a description.

*References must be within 5 years, unless classic nursing literature

*Note- The facility is an inpatient psychiatric hospital

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