Marijuana and depression Essay Assignment Paper

Marijuana and depression Essay Assignment Paper

Marijuana and depression

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Strategic Prevention Framework
Hello everyone, I would highlight that marijuana and depression go hand in hand. If one has depression, they have a double likelihood of using marijuana compared to some who do not have depression. In the US, the use of marijuana keeps rising but is higher among depressed individuals. The increase in marijuana use is linked to the widespread legalization of the substance (Abuse, 2020). People with depression view marijuana as a substance that can help their condition or alleviate the symptoms. Still, the FDA has not approved this, and individuals should be aware of the severe repercussions that marijuana can cause to their health. For most people using marijuana worsens their depression, and some lack motivation as they find it hard to take part in daily activities that are good for them (Dierker et al., 2018).

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In this case, it is vital to create awareness of the use of marijuana and the problems it results in. I would create awareness, for example, by meeting to face with the stakeholders to discuss the underlying issues. This would help the stakeholders understand how they can help those already struggling with the use of marijuana yet they are depressed hence helping the affected live everyday lives. In this case, the key stakeholders I find fundamental include educators, parents, youths, policymakers, healthcare providers, law enforcement, and community leaders.
I would also create awareness by hosting community events and sharing details about marijuana and depression. This is because most people in the community may not comprehend the intensity of the topic until enough information is passed to them. I would discuss the harms resulting from using marijuana when one has depression. This would help people now that using marijuana is not a permanent remedy for depression. Instead, it is a temporal solution that makes one forget about their challenges for some time only (Bahorik et al., 2018). During the community events, I would allow people to ask different questions to help them understand the depth of the issue. For example, one would question what amount of marijuana is wrong for a person suffering from depression. In this case, I would tackle such a question by answering that once one has a condition like depression, triggering it should be avoided as this prolongs the symptoms and delays healing.

I would also raise awareness by sharing information on different social media platforms and outlets. Nowadays, most people are versed in the use of technology. Most people can access different information on their electronic gadgets; hence, it would be an aid in creating awareness for the stakeholders and create readiness while addressing the issue of marijuana and depression through sharing vital details online. The information I could share includes the effects of marijuana, how it accelerates depression, and strategies for curbing the menace. This would help different stakeholders know how to deal with the problem that communes are on the rise every day in society.
I would encourage the stakeholders to sign up for different social media platforms such as Facebook. Instagram, among many others. In some cases, I could try to use even visual aids to help the targeted people understand the issue’s intensity. Using an online strategy to reach people is commendable, as many are always on their gadgets. Thus they are likely to come across some vital information on marijuana and depression either intentionally p unintentionally. Also, there is the option of sharing information one reads online. Thus, different stakeholders who have taken the role of ensuring that they curb the rampant use of marijuana, for example, among youths such as community officials, can share the information with youth in their areas to help educate them on the issues.
I would also equip the stakeholders with viral material that they can share with people in their areas. Such material would include pamphlets and magazines that illustrate the adverse outcomes of using marijuana and how it worsens one state of depression. In most cases, people tend to learn when presented with visual diagrams. In this case, I could ensure that the magazines I give them have pictures of people who have been affected by the use of marijuana and how some have acquired other mental conditions due to the continuous use of marijuana. The use of visual aid impacts people’s minds, and one tends not to quickly father what they saw, unlike what they read.
Equipping the stakeholders with such materials would make them ready to face the underlying problem hence helping society reduce the dependence on marijuana. Also, when stakeholders have the necessary materials, they will tend to first go through the materials before educating the public. I understand that it is essential to present evidence of what one aims to educate the public about. In this case, I would sum up the creation of awareness and readiness of the stakeholders on the issue of marijuana and depression by presenting data. In most instances, people will never comprehend the intensity of an issue till the evidence is presented to them.
I would thus collect data in different areas. For example, data collected on the number of people who have depression and yet take marijuana daily would create general awareness to the stakeholders about the critical issue at hand. Data collected could mobilize the resources to support the prevention efforts. For example, when data presented on the number of youths who use marijuana and think that that would solve their depression is presented to the youths, then the youths would change their perception of how they view things and desire to treat depression using other modes of treatment (Choi et al., 2021).
I would also like to highlight what could be done to strengthen the existing partnerships. First of all, developing a full report for e partners would be essential as this offers all details in one place partners always want to know all details about a project or an ongoing idea. When they are presented with all key issues, they tend to want to participate in making the idea flourish. I would thus advocate having a complete and detailed report on the marijuana d depression issue as this would attract partners’ attention. For example, partners who want to fund a program would be pleased if they had full details of the number of people needing help and the extent of their condition to know how to tackle the situation.

It would also be vital to include the partners in community events and meetings when speaking about the influence of marijuana and how it links to depression or how it worsens one depression condition. This way, the partners would have a glimpse of the project and help them understand the input of all stakeholders in ensuring that people in society stop relying on marijuana despite its legalization in most areas (Garofoli, 2020). this way, the partners can correct issues they feel need rectifications and areas that can boost the progress a program launched to help fight the use of marijuana.
Strengthening partnerships and collaborations would be enhanced by establishing a clear action plan. This would entail a comprehensive implementation stay comprising objectives, goals, and policies programs that address the marijuana and depression prevention framework. With such a plan, the partners would know what the initiated programs entail, which would open more significant opportunities. For example, for funding projects or an opportunity to connect with partners who can help tackle the issue of depression and marijuana abuse in society (Williams & Hill, 2020). I would ensure that I improve the organizational resources by arranging tasks logically and orderly. This would entail developing a project systematically to know how to deal with the issue of depression among marijuana users.
In this case, I would have a to-do list, a task plan, and deadlines to ensure that I am always within my scope. I would also monitor and adjust the priorities and eliminate the task that is deemed unnecessary time progresses. For example, the priority would be on those greatly affected to help them not get to the extent of losing their lives. In this case, more resources would be channeled to this group. Also, to improve organizational resources, I would use technology in all areas. This is because technology has now made things more accessible, and when it is used, attaining positive results is guaranteed within a short period.
The technology could gather information, educate the public, communicate with stakeholders, collaborate with partners, and even during follow-ups that are done from time to time to measure progress. Lastly, I feel that what needs to be done to establish and prepare the prevention workforce is coordination, collaboration, and cooperation of all stakeholders and partners. This can be achieved by ensuring that all are well-versed with programs being executed; typical or standard workforce training systems could also be used. For example, working together on a comprehensive plan to address the issue of marijuana and depression.
After all, the mission is to ensure that people who have been diagnosed with depression seize over-relying on the use of marijuana to cope with their situation. When a common mission is spelled, it would be easy to achieve the protection workforce. Also, clear communication could ensure that the prevention workforce is thriving. Communication could be done weekly, daily, bi-weekly, or even monthly, depending on the urgency of the matter. When everyone is brought on board, I feel that it would be easy to attain the mission of the prevention workforce.
Also, I am confident that this would help everyone beware of their tasks and responsibilities in eradicating marijuana use and also in helping reduce the increasing number of marijuana users. People should learn that despite marijuana being legalized, it is not fit for human health, especially those with other health issues. Thus, it should not be embraced by people who have mental illness since instead of helping them out, their conditions worsen day by day.

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Review The Strategic Prevention Framework and prepare a video response that addresses the following questions:
marijuana and depression
How might you improve awareness of substance abuse problems and readiness of stakeholders to address these problems?
What can be done to strengthen existing partnerships and/or identify new opportunities for collaboration?
What strategies might you use to improve organizational resources?
What needs to be done to develop and prepare the prevention workforce?

It needs to be in script format

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