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Philosophy of Nursing Paper Instructions Philosophy:

If you asked nurses in a busy clinical setting what their philosophy of nursing is they may not be able to give you an answer. Philosophy is our general understanding of how we view the world. Moreover, it is based on our values. We make assumptions based on these values. It is important for you, as a nurse, to identify what your beliefs are relative to nursing practice and its metaparadigm.

Your philosophy in fact guides your nursing practice.

Use at least three references.

The paper needs to address the following:
1. Introduction that includes who you are and where you practice nursing
2. Definition of Nursing (your personal definition).
3. Definitions and examples of the major domains of nursing: person, health environment (your definitions of these concepts).
4. Identify the assumptions of your underlying beliefs/definitions (review Module A and discussions).
5. Identify one of the philosophies presented in your text that aligns with your Philosophy of Nursing… (you can choose idealism or realism)!
6. Describe how the domains of nursing are “connected” in your philosophy.

7. Provide a summary that includes:
a. What is your vision of nursing for the future?
b. What are the challenges that you face as a nurse?
c. What are your goals for professional development?
d. How does LCSC’s BSN program philosophy compare with your philosophy? WHICH IS:

(The Practical Nursing faculty believes that nursing education must be value focused, improve the learner’s knowledge, and promote life-long learning. The complexity of today’s health care system requires particular emphasis on development of critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills. The Practical Nursing faculty believes that evidence based learning is key to building a foundation of knowledge and skills. The evidence base foundation provides the Practical Nurse with competent skills to care for individuals in a complex health care system. The Practical Nursing faculty believes that the curriculum must enhance the learning and capabilities of the practical nurse by applying today’s technology to the provision of care in a variety of clinical sites. The foundation will improve the abilities of the Practical Nurse to recognize the need to initiate changes in approaches to promote health and prevent adverse events.

The Practical Nursing faculty believes that the art of nursing must be holistic in focus encompassing therapeutic communication, cultural competency, and compassion across the care continuum. The Practical Nursing faculty believes students must understand as stated by Virginia A. Henderson, that nursing is “of the head and of the hands and of the heart.” 85 The Practical Nursing faculty believes the Practical Nurse, being a dependent role in Idaho, must focus on promoting a caring environment, healing, health and wellness to patients and family while collaborating with registered nurses, physicians or dentists. The Practical Nursing faculty believes students must understand the value of therapeutic communication in promoting the well-being of the individual and family. Therapeutic communication helps patients find meaning in the health and illness experience ensuring the Practical Nurse practice supports patient centered care for individuals whose values may differ from their own. The Practical Nursing faculty believes student must understand cultural competency requires life-long learning in a variety of health care settings. The Practical Nursing student understands the need for compassionate care in promoting the well-being of the individual and family. The Practical Nursing student values shared decision making which empowers patient’s participation in the care received. The faculty believes that open communication and collaboration with team members contributes to positive patient outcomes in diverse settings.

The Practical Nursing faculty believes that the science of nursing integrates college level math and science education, nursing theory, critical thinking skills, and evidence based practice rooted in a strong foundation of academic excellence. The faculty believes that continued research and study is an essential part of providing cost effective quality care. The science of nursing foundation will generate knowledge that can translate through student’s nursing care and practice providing opportunities for personalized care. The Practical Nursing students will apply research methods and processes to individualize and improve patient care.)

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