Nurses perception of patient safety culture in north hospitals

Project description
Criteria to be addressed in research proposal evaluation:

1- Title page

2- Problem statement, purpose, questions, hypothesis, variables, definition of terms.

3- Conceptual or theoretical framework utilized.

4- Quality and depth of literature review, use of current references.

5- Methodology: state whether study is quantitative or qualitative, design, sample size/type/selection, instruments for data collection, study procedures, subject protection

6- Data analysis: method and findings

7- Limitations, conclusions, recommendations, ( researcher’s interpretation of findings)

8- Link with nursing practice, education ( researchers and your viewpoint)

9- References page

10- Adhere to APA format: spelling error free ; headings, margins


A- Research design

1- Identify whether the study is quantitative or qualitative.( the study will be quantitative

2- Identify the type of design ( ethnography, correlation ,,, etc )

3- Provide explanation about choice of design.

B- Sample, population

1- Describe the population to be recruited for the study. State the size (n) and demographics preferred. Identify inclusion and exclusion criteria.

2- Identify the selection process. Randomization and type of sampling.

C- Instruments

1- Identify the instruments for data collection

2- Include information about validity and reliability ( from the literature)

3- If a mailed survey will be used. Identify the steps that will be taken to administer and follow up to obtain a high response rate.

D- Data collection Procedures

Collection process to be use

E- Human subjects Protection

1- consent procedure ( form)

2- how will subject be informed about the research study?

3- how will subject be protected to ensure anonymity or confidentiality ?

part 5 data analysis methods :

A- Method: identify type of statistical test ( for quantitative research ) or method ( for qualitative research)

B- Provide explanation about choice of analysis procedure.

C- Explain how result will be displayed.

part 6 applicability to Nursing / link between nursing research and nursing practice :

A- Nursing practice

B- Nursing education

C- Nursing research

D- Nursing administration

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