Nursing Manager Skill Inventory Essay


Nurse Managers use inventory tools as a way of rating and reviewing themselves in all areas of content by using relevant scales. The same procedures of rating are used by nurse manager supervisors to grade the nurse managers in their relevant duties.The two then meet to review their analysis and any difference in perception or views are talked about and recommendations and changes made whenever necessary. In this understanding the inventory tool has become essential for analyzing both professional targets and nursing career planning. In this regard this article seeks to identify weaknesses and strengths associated to the four areas of also addresses how the workplace can effectively utilize the skills to promote change in the institutions.

Professional and personal accountability

This involves personal development analysis through career planning, educational training and self-assessment and action plans. Nursing practices and Ethical behaviors that sustain nursing standards are evaluated as professional association’s involvement and suitable field specification and certification. In terms of professional and personal accountability, have high ratings which show competence in the nursing addition involvement in other related trainings and career advancement have impact in enhancing career competence in many levels.Being a member of professional body and practicing nursing ethics  adherence most of the time help enhance individual’s career development.

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