Nursing Theories Vs Non-nursing Theories

When caring for patients, it is common practice for nurses to learn and use nursing theory as a great resource that guides them on the right strategies and action plan that can help them deliver the best care service to the patients that they serve. Nursing theories refer to the specific theories in the field of nursing which nursing students learn in their courses and which are applied in delivering care to patients.

There are many theories that are not specific for the field of nursing but which are helpful in providing valuable and useable information that can be applied in caring for patients in order to achieve the desired patient outcomes. These are known as non-nursing theories which are borrowed concepts from other non-nursing fields and which are applied effectively in the field of nursing to enhance care delivery to patients.

Nursing Theories Vs Non-Nursing Theories academic help

Nursing students are often tested on Nursing Theories Vs Non-Nursing Theories with the aim of testing their understanding of how each of these sets of theories is applied in the field of nursing. Non-Nursing Theories, for instance, have become more common in the field of practice and it is important for nursing students to understand the implication of application of these theories in their practice.

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