Overview of Meaningful Use (MU)

Overview of Meaningful Use (MU) Essay Paper Assignment

Week 6 Assignment – Helpful Hints!

Hello class – below is a breakdown of what I am looking for in assignment 6. This assignment has the following parts:

1. Introduction – make sure this clearly establishes the purpose of the paper and names the major parts of the paper.

2. Overview of Meaningful Use (MU) – provide an overview of the program. What are the stages? Who does it affect (eligible providers and eligible hospitals)? What are the incentives vs. penalties? I want to see some comparisons and specifics on actual core and menu objectives. A table comparing Stage 1 vs. Stage 2 is often useful to succinctly summarize the comparisons.

Overview of Meaningful Use (MU)

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Overview of Meaningful Use (MU)

3. Analysis – analyze the core criteria (or you will see them referred to as objectives) and apply them to nursing, health care policy and public health. This portion means you look at some of the core criteria (objectives) of either Stage 1 or Stage 2. You can find these via the CMS website. Pick out specific objectives and analyze them further. Below are links to helpful information.

Here is a link to the Stage 1 eligible provider objectives. http://www.cms.gov/Regulations-and-Guidance/Legislation/EHRIncentivePrograms/Downloads/EP-MU-TOC.pdf.

Here is a link to the Stage 1 eligible hospital objectives: http://goo.gl/maqgoL.

Here is link to Stage 2 eligible provider objectives: http://goo.gl/qzJiH

Here is link to Stage 2 eligible hospital objectives: http://goo.gl/PyjwoC

You can see a list of the core objectives. Pick some of these out and decide how they impact nursing. For example – Recording smoking status for patients 13 or older. The impact on nursing would be the recognition of patients that smoke would allow the nurse to format a nursing treatment plan aimed at education and resources to help the patient quit smoking. This supports a preventative care model to help chronic disease management. This could also impact public health and healthcare policy.

4. Meaningful Use Recommendations – this section of the paper should provide evidence-based recommendations (meaning find some evidence to support your decision) on whether more objectives are needed or not. You decide. Does this law have enough in it or do we need more objectives in future stages? Clearly state your recommendations in this section.

5. Conclusion – this should summarize the analysis and recommendations as well as any insights gained when completing the paper.

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