Powerlessness in the Critical Care Patient

Project instructions:
Patients who require critical care must cope with a variety of stressors. The patient?s response to those stressors depends on the individual differences, such as age, gender, hospital course, and prognosis. In addition, the patient?s perception of self and relationship with others also plays a major role in how they respond to stress and illness. For this paper, you want to think of a patient or a scenario where you were the nurse for a patient that experienced powerlessness in their disease process and how powerlessness develops in the critically ill patient. You also want to explain the concept of locus of control and its relationship to powerlessness. In addition, you want to identify learned helplessness/excessive dependence and how the critical care nurse can assist the patient in abandoning this behavior. Finally, discuss a nursing management plan for powerlessness and discuss implementation in the clinical setting. Follow appropriate APA, References within past 5 years, appropriate scholarly sources.

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