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Psychology hypothetical poster research paper Essay Assignment Paper

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Psychology hypothetical poster research paper Essay Assignment Paper

Your assignment is to describe your own original research: Introduction, Methods,
Results, Discussion, References. You are to generate an original hypothesis related to the
topic of the class, design an experiment designed to test the idea, and describe hypothetical
data in the results section. Your posters will be due on Nov 24 at 5pm, PST. Please email your poster to your GSI, and keep your “sent mail” copy for your records as the timestamp will be
your proof of submission.
Parameters of the assignment:

• Length: Your poster should be 5 pages long, NOT including a title page or references.
Longer posters will be penalized 5 points for each page over limit.

o Title page: Title and SID. This ensures fair grading.
o Pages 1-2: Background literature and hypothesis. Your background literature
should consist of one reading from your syllabus or lecture, and two other
empirical articles from the research literature (i.e., not news media, opinion
websites, and the like). The background literature frames and gives rise to your hypothesis. Your hypothesis should be in the form of a statement (e.g., “I hypothesize that sleep deprivation will have detrimental effects on performance;” or “I hypothesize that sleep deprived individuals will perform more poorly on a cognitive task than individuals who are not sleep deprived”). Phrasing your hypothesis in the form of a statement ensures that you don’t end up with something untestable (e.g.,”Why are people so bad at remembering information?”).

o Pages 2-3: Methods. This is where you tell us how you will test your hypothesis.
An experiment is required with 2 independent variables and 1 dependent variable.
Each factor of your experiment should have two levels,1 so that you end up with a
2 X 2 design. Describe your design, materials, and procedure briefly. You do not
have enough space to go into huge detail, so be judicious about what you write.
Show that you’ve been paying attention to all we have talked about with respect
to good experimental design.

o Page 3-4: Results. Imagine that you have collected data. Present the results of your study in the form of at least one graph, and provide a description of the findings as well. Describe hypothetical main effects or interactions, but there is no need to describe hypothetical statistical analyses (e.g, p values, t or F statistics).
If you are having trouble with graphing software, draw your graphs (with care).
Your audience should be able to understand your data and results quickly. A
picture is worth a thousand words!

o Page 4-5: Discussion. Brief. What do the results tell us about the phenomenon
you are trying to understand? What remains to be understood? What are some
1What are factors and levels? As we spoke about in class, for example, your professor’s 1999 dissertation
manipulated two factors: Target Race and Cognitive Load. The first factor, Target Race, had two levels:
White and Black , and Cognitive Load also had two levels: No Load versus Load.
future directions? Additionally, you must address at least one limitation of your
o References (on a different page). These should be in APA style.
• Brevity is key. Brevity, and the distillation of essential information, is important.
• Looks do not make up for substance. Even if your poster is pretty, it still needs to have
a well-researched and well-tested idea.

• Go for simplicity and elegance. Your hypothesis and idea don’t have to be complicated.
Go for a straightforward hypothesis, and choose a neat, clean study to test your idea.
• Revise. Don’t be fooled by the length of the assignment. An effective poster requires
several drafts.
• Examples: There are great examples of posters hanging in the Institute of Personality
and Social Research, 4th floor of Tolman Hall.
A note on the length of the assignment:
Throughout our schooling, many of us are taught that Length is Strength: the longer a
report or paper, the more complete, and the better the job.
Your challenge here is different! It is instead to pack a powerful idea (I hope) into a
concise package. You may be worried about being able to do your idea justice in such a
short space. It is absolutely possible: look at all the abstracts for those long papers I’m
having you read.
Writing with brevity is hard; it is an art. It means thinking precisely about what stays in
and what stays out; what details are important to mention and which not. Two of my
favorite quotes:
“I have spent most of the day putting in a comma and the rest of the day taking it out”
–Oscar Wilde
“I’m sorry this letter is so long; I didn’t have time to write a short one”

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