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this is a personal reflective paper about my nursing education program and the future that i see as a future nurse.the book above can be used if i similar experience related to the stories written on the book if you use something from the book remember to cite, but the paper is more personal if you want you can use one or two cited from the book .
paper guidelines
Reflection paper: it is thoughtful, introspective, meaningful and developmental.
Identify the main themes of readings integrated with your educational experiences and write about how these themes affect your thinking, future practice, who you are becoming. A reflection papers is your chance to add your thoughts and analysis to what you have read and experienced.
Begin by jotting down some ideas from readings and class experiences, what stands out to you and why? What are your thoughts and feelings about what you have read. Use the first person (I) to relate your knowledge, feelings to assigned readings. Consider what you have read and how it has impacted your thinking about nursing, about becoming a nurse.
Give your reflection paper structure with an opening paragraph, main body and conclusion. Use your creativity to title your paper and express yourself.
When needed use in text references. Your reflection should be five pages in length and must be written in APA style and format.
please write good things about my nursing education and the future that i see as a future nurse
don’t forget to give a creati

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