Causes, Effects and Resolution of Workplace Conflicts Essay Assignment Paper

Causes, Effects and Resolution of Workplace Conflicts Essay Assignment Paper

Causes, Effects and Resolution of Workplace Conflicts Essay Assignment Paper

Causes, Effects and Resolution of Workplace Conflicts
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Acknowledging the existence of conflicts within the workplace is key to resolving disagreements that may prove detrimental to the growth and development of the organization. Conflicts are a common occurrence in all organizations. Their existence shows a difference in opinions and ideologies within the internal environment. Countering this problem, to make the workplace a good place for productivity requires the leadership and management team to be equipped with the proper conflict analysis (Khan, 2017). They include understanding and resolution skills; this helps mitigate the risk of disagreements escalating to levels that make the internal environment toxic and bad for growth. With a high gender imbalance and diverse top management in terms of race and religion, there are bound to be many conflicts. This essay will discuss the issues imminent and propose the best conflict resolution method.
Factors Responsible for the Conflict
Disagreements, brought about by the difference in purpose, goals, and mission, are the primary cause of conflicts within an organization. The top management in the organization has had a couple of disagreements on the projects funded or sponsored. Lately, issues emanating from race, religion, culture, and gender have rocked management woes between these seven individuals. If they found their way to the public, such issues would be disastrous for the organization in terms of performance. Due to the strict laws on accepting people from all demographics, it is essential to address these issues. Individuals are different based on their upbringings, and colleagues at work should accept and consider this before engaging in disagreements (Khan, 2017).

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Considerable differences in the character and personality of individuals are a significant factor in the organization. An organization that embodies a diverse leadership such as ours is subject to intense conflicts. If managed, it can also be a conduit for change and success, serving as a model for diversity and inclusion. The organization has a female director who is Caucasian and four other members, one Hispanic female and two African Americans, of whom one is a male. Personality differences are set to arise due to the evident cultural diversity. Different exposures and interactions with members of the society are experienced differently; thus, lack of understanding for one’s complaints or issues address leads to Conflict (Rubenstein, 2018).
There is a substantial racial and gender difference that leads to the problem of power. Three races are represented, and there is only one male figure in the organization. The rule of one-third should apply where there is no less than one thirds on a gender represented to balance the leadership and make the place hospitable for all.
How Conflict Affects the Entire Organization
Conflicts in top management tend to trickle down to the middle-level management and other employees. If there is Conflict, departmental wars and misunderstandings are experienced, thus, making the place inhospitable. Employees tend to get frustrated during such departmental wars and misunderstandings and may opt to resign or perform poorly. Sensitive workplace issues may leak-out when employees choose to badmouth the top management to outsiders or news outlets, therefore tainting its public image, reducing the financial performance due to reduced sales numbers (Rubenstein, 2018).
Workplace conflicts may also expose employees to mental health issues such as stress and depression. Conflicting commands and requests from different organizational heads means that the employee will be confused about what to do, thus getting exposed to work stress (Babalola et al, 2018). These may extend their negative approach to issues right to their family where they may be constantly tired, frustrated, and angry, thus, suffering from depression. Workplace Stress and depression are a significant concern in the 21st century, where organizations have become more diverse, with each leader wanting to exert their dominance. The stress may arise from the oppression of ideas where any proposals, recommendations, and feedback given by an employee towards a particular cause may go unnoticed or ignored.
Conflict Resolution Style to Be Used
The issues in the organization can be classified as recurrent and highly sensitive. Conflicts based on race, culture, and gender are considered personal attacks on an individual’s character and thus, should be entirely avoided if possible. The best approach in dealing with such a sensitive matter would be to encourage collaboration by focusing on the organizational goals, mission, and vision to achieve a common purpose. A collaborative style in conflict resolution seeks to address the issue and direct all efforts on resolving the Conflict towards the actual cause or problem and build an executable resolution plan (Khan, 2017). In collaborating, a combined effort between all members in top management is encouraged. Compromise will be applied to ensure everyone is adequately accommodated and collaboration amongst all is experienced.
There is a need for the seven members in top management to collectively develop a list of their issues and problems and work towards analyzing which issues can be compromised to improve their leadership style.

Conflict Negotiation Strategies
Handling such a sensitive issue requires implementing the best negotiation strategies concerning the organization problem in question. The most appropriate strategies, in this case, would the appealing to the overarching values in the organization and effective communication between the members. The act of appealing to overarching values helps reach common ground on the common organizational goals and expectations, hence, help bridge the gap in understanding the root cause of the Conflict. Issues arising from the types of projects funded and events sponsored may have been the leading cause of Conflict amongst top management, with the individuals from different races and genders supporting events according to their preferences. Addressing the issue by highlighting the expected common outcomes would ensure this issue is addressed. Effective communication builds dialogue between the members with ease and assured understanding of expected outcomes (Khan, 2017).
Likely Outcomes
When used as stated, the styles and strategies of conflict resolution would bring the root causes to light for all members and ensure a favorable outcome on completion of the conflict resolution process. It is expected that a successful resolution of conflicts in an organization reduces the stress and strain employees experience, thus, improving productivity. With reduced workplace stress, the employees can engage their creativity to the maximum as working feedback systems will help them understand what improvements and compromises need to be made (Babalola et al, 2018). This collaborative organizational attitude has been touted as the best motivator for organizational success.
Workplace conflicts are common and unavoidable; they should always be paid attention to and resolved in time. If poorly managed or ignored, issues on Conflict within an organization may lead to its downfall due to high turnover numbers, reduced productivity, and a negative public image that reduces the customer base. Ensuring proper communication channels and practical communication skills in all members ensures a healthy work environment is created.

Babalola, M. T., Stouten, J., Euwema, M. C., & Ovadje, F. (2018). The relation between ethical leadership and workplace conflicts: The mediating role of employee resolution efficacy. Journal of Management, 44(5), 2037-2063.
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Develop a 3-4 page plan to identify the causes of organizational conflict, explain how conflict affects an organization, and select a conflict resolution style to use. Explain conflict negotiation strategies and determine the likely outcomes.
Disagreements occur because we have differences of opinions, values, and goals. Solutions to disagreements require negotiation skills. While negotiating, the parties involved have to “generate options, brainstorm ideas, give and take, and attempt to get their mutual goals met” (Hocker & Wilmot, 2014, p. 249).
Hocker, J., & Wilmot, W. (2014). Interpersonal conflict (9th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.
Demonstration of Proficiency
By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment criteria:
• Competency 1: Identify variables within an organizational structure that can promote conflict.
o Identify the factors responsible for conflict within an organization.
Competency 3: Apply appropriate strategies to reduce or resolve conflicts.
o Describe a conflict resolution style appropriate for a conflict situation within an organization.
o Explain conflict negotiation strategies appropriate for a conflict situation within an organization.
Competency 4: Analyze the impact of conflict on relationship building in face-to-face, virtual, cyber, and group communication.
o Explain how conflict affects an organization.
Competency 5: Evaluate the outcome of proposed strategies of conflict resolution.
o Determine the outcomes of conflict negotiation strategies for an organization.
Competency 6: Communicate effectively in a variety of formats.
o Write coherently to support a central idea in appropriate APA format with correct grammar, usage, and mechanics.
Use the Capella library and the Internet to research conflict negotiation strategies and conflict resolution styles. Find at least three resources to use in this assessment to support your plan.
You volunteer with an organization whose executive leadership has conflicted for almost a year in deep, fairly public ways, on a variety of topics. At first the conflict seemed to center on the types of events the organization sponsored, but more recently some members of the leadership team have been making accusations of bias based on race, culture, social status, and religion against other leadership members, including the director. The conflict is making it difficult for anyone to continue working with the organization.
The leadership team is composed of seven members. Six of the members, including the director, are women. There are two African-American members, including the only man on the team. There is one Hispanic member. The other four members, including the director, are Caucasian.
You have successfully handled small conflicts among the volunteers and staff in the past, and now they have asked you to step in and see if you can help resolve the conflict before it destroys the organization. Leadership has already agreed to bring you in to try and help the situation, but you know you need to have a solid plan for this undertaking.
Include the following in your conflict resolution plan:
• Identify the factors that may be responsible for causing the conflict.
• Explain how the conflict is affecting the rest of the organization.
• Describe the conflict resolution style you will use in this situation.
• Explain the conflict negotiation strategies you will try.
• Based on your chosen strategies, determine the likely outcome.______

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