Storage and Delivery of Medical Gases

Duration of Flow = Oxygen Tank Conversion Factor x Remaining Tank Pressure (psi)

(Time to empty in min) Flow Rate (L/min)

Oxygen cylinder conversion factors for the two most common tank sizes:

E Tank = 0.28

H/K Tank = 3.14

Using the formula given above complete the following calculations. Support your work and reasoning for the scenario responses with citations and explanations as needed.

A patient is currently on a 4 liter nasal cannula. The patient needs to be transported using an E cylinder. The E cylinder reads 2200 psig on the Bourdon gauge. According to hospital policy, the tank should not be used once the pressure reading reaches 200 psig. Calculate how long the tank will last.
You have attached a nasal cannula at 5 l/m to an E oxygen cylinder. The cylinder’s working pressure is at 900 psig. How long can oxygen flow from this tank before the cylinder is empty?
A patient is scheduled for a procedure in a hospital across town. The expected travel time is 2 hours. There are two E cylinders in the ambulance. The patient is on 8 l/m via air entrainment mask, with a safety factor of 500 psig will the patient have enough oxygen to get to the other hospital?
Calculate the duration of the following gas cylinders. Include a safety factor.
E cylinder with 1200 psi. Attached to a nasal cannula running at 3 l/m.
H cylinder with 2200 psi. Attached to a jet nebulizer with a flow of 12 l/m.
Calculate the duration of the following gas cylinders if the gas cylinder was to be run until empty.
E cylinder with 680 psi attached to a nasal cannula at 1 l/m
A manifold system with 4 H cylinders, system pressure 1800 psi running a ventilation with an oxygen requirement of 25 l/m
A patient with severe COPD is receiving a breathing treatment with a DuoNeb via an SVN running at 8 l/m from an oxygen flow meter. The patient appears sleepy after 5 minutes of treatment and his f has decreased from 16 to 6. His breathing appears to be shallow and the SpO2 reading is 98%
What is responsible for the change in the patient’s condition?
What action would you take now?
How could you prevent this problem from happening during future treatments?

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