Article Review on of a student with special needs Essay Assignment Paper

Article Review on of a student with special needs Essay Assignment Paper

Article Review on assessment of a student with special needs

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Article Review on assessment of a student with special needs
Children with special needs still require attention to fit into the mainstream education system. The dilemma that most educationists face is the constant changing of the students’ needs. The education system is meant to showcase equality and access to knowledge. The difference in ethnicity, age, and abilities are areas that educationists look towards improving to ensure every student going through the system is comfortable for the long term. An interview of teachers cites their independence in assessing students with special needs since they are trained in human psychology and can help them achieve academic excellence. The challenge for the students with special needs is the mentally challenged or ADHD, whose prognosis is more prevalent and susceptible to suggestion.

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Synthesis of main points
The challenge with students with special needs is the specific problems they might have in the classroom. According to (Hussu & Strle, 2010), deliberate research shows that teachers are reasonably capable of assessing students’ academic progress with special needs. The basic training of teachers is passing on knowledge to students and helping them be better members of society. Whether the students have disabilities or not, the teacher training conceptualizes equality for everyone since the classroom environment should be neutral. The long-term vision in assessing students with special needs is integrating them with other students and creating a neutral environment for all the students.
The predicted time scale for teaching is based on the number and activities involved in the program’s undertakings but based on previous patterns, the session is likely to last between one to two hours, all activities included. The children are provided detailed handouts that summarize why disease prevention is essential and ways to keep themselves safe from diseases. The rationale for the topic is based on the fact that several preventive measures among children help prevent certain diseases. The concepts of risk assessment and risk management are fundamental in preventing and controlling risks related to health and the safety of children. Washing hands for children with effective detergents and running water has been impactful in reducing respiratory tract infections.
The research further shows that over 100 teachers submitted their views on their experiences with assessing students with disabilities. Students who could be assessed easily include students with hearing impairment, visual impairment, and physical impairment. Looking at the pool of students and teachers, the normalcy with which the classroom environment is cultivated is enough to show the effectiveness of the assessment (Hussu & Strle, 2010). Most teachers refer to their training as the pillar through which they can get all the students learning. Assessing students with hearing and visual impairment is easy since there are curriculums with specifications that direct them on how to handle them.
Emotional readiness.
The teaching model takes a holistic approach where teaching is not wholly based on just what happens in the classrooms. The inclusion of formative methods leads to a more holistic approach to evaluation. This evaluation is based on the learning procedure’s effectiveness to the children as concerned with disease prevention and not regarding the instructors’ teaching capabilities (Hussu & Strle, 2010). In regards to health prevention, the children are prepared to take on everything health-related. This is noticed through the participation of both the practical means of prevention and the perspectives.
In any study, emotional preparation is of importance. Knowledge has it that modifiable factors in a child’s early experience can significantly affect their learning trajectory. Community-based programs should prepare to learn among children an outcome measure for community-based programs such as health prevention. In this line, they can learn and master the aspects concerning the issues surrounding their health and its effects on the community. In this case, the students are prepared based on the number of infectious disease cases, their observable symptoms in the community, and the various preventive measures to reduce the disease’s impact. For children’s successful learning to occur right from the start, the pediatricians’ role is essential right from the start.
The purposes for teaching are individual and community-based. For every child, it is vital to learn that their health is dependent on how they take care of themselves. Basic health practices are essential for the well-being of their bodies. The more significant impact lies in the community, where there is a reduction in reported health incidences. The community becomes more aware of the effects of these diseases and their control measures. It is important to note that a child’s health affects the parent’s well-being in the cost-benefit analysis.

Personal response
As a teacher, I analyze the correct instruments important for motivation and teaching students with special needs. The basic understanding of these students is knowing specific nuances through which they can be made comfortable. I will be able to suggest and apply more effective methods of teaching. Furthermore, I will be aware of the differences between learners. The information acquired from this course will enable me to be sensitive to each learner’s needs and ensure these differences are overcome to have maximal achievement in all students. The learning environment is enjoyable, especially for students since they get to learn new things every day. Additionally, there is an inherent need to update the skills of teachers geared towards the improvement of these student’s attitudes towards education. Despite the problematic nature of the work involving assessing children with special needs, teamwork is essential, especially from the teachers and parents, to correct policies and curriculum for the students.

Hussu, A., & Strle, M. (2010). The assessment of children with special needs. Procedia – Social And Behavioral Sciences, 2(2), 5281-5284.

You will complete a review of a peer-reviewed article from a scholarly journal. Select an article that is related to the assessment of students with special needs. This may be in any area of special education or specific to the Response to Intervention (RTI) model. Your article must be no more than five years old. Your article must come from one of the journals found in the List of Special Education Journals below. If you choose an article that is not from one of these journals you must email a pdf of the article to your professor for preapproval. This request must be sent at least three days before the due date.
Your article review must use current APA format and be 4 pages in length (including title and reference pages). Submit your article review as a Word document (.docx or .doc file extensions). Submit a pdf copy of your article in addition to your article review. Your article review should be organized with the following sections, use the bolded phrases as level 1 headings to organize your paper:
• Title page – Include your name, course number and section, and date of submission.
• Synthesis of Main Points – Open with a strong thesis statement and an in-text citation. Synthesize the author’s main points. Write in a concise and scholarly manner. This section should be 1 ½ pages in length.
• Personal Response – Write this section from a first person perspective. Reflect on how you can apply the article’s content within your present or future teaching practice. This section should be 1 paragraph in length.
• Reference page – Use only your original article as a reference

List of Special Education Journals:

• American Journal on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
• Behavior Disorders
• Beyond Behavior
• Clearing House
• Diagnostique
• Exceptional Children
• Exceptional Parent
• Focus on Exceptional Children
• Gifted Child Quarterly
• Journal for the Education of Gifted
• Journal of Learning Disabilities
• Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment
• Journal of School Psychology
• Journal of Special Education
• Language and Speech
• Remedial and Special Education

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