Surgical Site Infections and Prevention

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Assignment guidelines:

Title of article: Surgical Site Infections and Prevention Guidelines: A Primer for Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists.

1) Type your assignment using 11 point font.
2) Answer all of the questions included in the assignment.

Please answer the following questions: Response for each question should be at least 60 words, but no more than 200 words please. Please type your responses using 11 point font and double spaced.

1) What is the problem that the research is addressing?
2) Why is this problem significant to nursing practice?
3) Summarize the findings from this research article
4) Describe the recommendation (s) for nursing practice.

Make sure you enumerate the questions then give the answer based on what you find on the article and make sure you reference back to the author or authors and give credit to the author within text (please site within text very important.

Attaching the article where you can find the answers to the above questions. Please make sure you only use the attached article to answer this questions. Use your own words when using the information of the article. Make sure you reference the article at the end of paper.

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