Teach-back Method, Pain & HCAHPS

Topic of Paper: Can the implementation of a multifaceted, 4 week (28 day) pain management protocol pilot improve Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) pain scores in adult patients hospitalized in the Progressive Care Unit (PCU) at ******* Hospital compared to no pain management protocol usage?

Paper Must Include the Following Two Sections:

I. Significance of the Practice Problem (3 Pages)

Provide pain statistics for United States. Describe how not treating or under treating pain in hospitalized patients can negatively impact patient satisfaction (HCAHPS) score. Describe the difficulties healthcare providers and organizations have in properly managing patients’ pain. Describe the consequences of not properly managing patients’ pain (e.g. decreased reimbursement rates, poor public perception of the healthcare provider/hospital, fines, regulatory accreditation issues, etc.).

II. Synthesis of the Literature (7 Pages)

Conduct a focused systematic review of scholarly literature (see the articles I uploaded) related to the practice problem and the effectiveness of the selected Intervention to the desired outcome in the selected population and setting; effectively synthesize and concisely summarize the reviewed scholarly literature related to the practice problem.
Background Information: The pilot pain management protocol uses the following interventions:

-A three-part online education module for nurses on use of the teach-back method and pain management. A pre and post-education quiz will be completed by each nurse online and the scores will be collected in the online learning management system

-Nurses will be expected to utilize the teach-back method when delivering patient education

-Nurses will be expected to use the white board in each patient’s room to identify the pain management plan of care (i.e. current pain score, goal pain score, pharmacological and non-pharmacological pain management intervention and a listing of when pain interventions are next available). Nursing leadership will be validating (with a simple validation tool) that the white board is updated every shift and that patients understand their pain related plan of care.

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