Theoretical Framework Paper 30% of Grade

The Theoretical Framework Paper is your opportunity to formulate and defend a conceptual/theoretical framework that supports your practice and role as a masters-prepared nurse. In preparation for this paper, consider the personal and professional values and philosophy that guide your professional role. Identify one existing or emerging nursing caring theory that best aligns with your values and philosophy. Indentify the leadership theory that you hope to ascribe to in your future role

Prepare a paper and include the following
1. Describe your professional setting, goals, or other context that will frame your Theoretical Framework as a MSN prepared educator, health systems leader – Nurse Manager or CNL.
2. Provide statements about the personal and professional values and philosophy that will guide your professional role.
3. Identify, discuss, critique, and apply an existing or emerging nursing theory that is aligned with your values and philosophy. Include the following components:
a. Describe the concepts of the theory.
b. Provide examples of how the theory or framework can be applied to direct your professional role
c. Provide brief examples of how the relationships among the concepts of the theory help you predict, explain, or intervene in your professional role.
d. Present the rationale for selecting this theory in terms of your professional values and philosophy.
e. Describe how you anticipate applying this theory as a guide to your professional role.
4. As part of the paper please respond to the following question which is applicable to your MSN track. Answers must be documented with evidence to support your views.

Health Systems Leader: Do you believe there is evidence linking a caring framework for nursing leadership to quality of care and patient outcomes? How does a caring leadership framework impact staff?

5. Mechanics – grammar (see chapter in APA Manual), spelling, and correct use of APA format (Please refer to APA Manual).
6. The recommended length for the content/text section of the paper (not including the title page and references) is 6-8 pages double spaced. Use APA (6th ed.) format to cite all sources. An abstract is not needed.
Class Textbook: Use it to help write the paper (Required)

Roussel, L. (2013). Management and leadership for nurse administrators (6th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

I work in the outpatient surgery center at the VA. I do prescreening / preop / post op and cross train with PACU. I hope to be a nurse manager for Ambulatory Surgery and one day be the director of ambulatory surgery. If you need anyting else don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks

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