The question is ….The end of life and how people die has changed a great deal in the past century. Thanks in large part to advances in public health, medicine, and health care, most Americans no longer die suddenly from injury or infection. Instead, we live longer and, more often than not, die after a period of chronic illness. How can people/families prepare for the end of life? What do you think are the most important issues that surround end of life?

Respond to classmates answer……There are many important aspects to consider when it comes to preparing for and discussing end of life. Changing of living situation such as moving to a nursing home is something that needs to be discussed if and when an older adult may not be able to care for themselves anymore. It would be helpful to discuss this before the adult gets to this point so they can have a more active role in picking a placement and other services. Preparing for a funeral and the wishes of that individual are important to discuss, especially since many cultural and religious differences exist. A living will and distribution of assets can be helpful for the family after death, as many times the emotional stress of a death in a family and then dividing up possessions and assets can be a cause of significant tension among family members. Other important aspects to consider are DNR orders, organ donor wishes, etc. The primary goal for families when dealing with a family member that is dying is to make them as comfortable as possible and to simply spend time with them. Pain reduction, being in your own home, friend and family presence can make that individual feel much more at peace with the process.

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