Tuberculosis in Homeless Poplulation

Subject: Nursing
*Topic: Tuberculosis in the Homeless Population

*Develop a simple teaching plan to the homeless population in Los Angeles and Orange County Area.
1)Access to health care service for the homeless population with tuberculosis in the Los Angeles and Orange County Area.

2)The role of the public health nurse in a Tuberculosis Clinic for primary, secondary and tertiary prevntion on homeless population with tuberculosis.

3) Treatment regimen include:
-(4) types of TB medication
(include compliance and how/when it should
be taken)
-Any other treatment for tuberculosis patient.

4)Maintenance plan:
-Follow-up with public health department or
-Where to follow-up if person has no insurance.

5)Future prevention techniques
-How to prevent the spread of TB.
-Techniques of avoiding exposure.
-Teaching in prevention and exposure.

6)Include (4) Resources available in the Los Angeles and Orange County are in the United States.

7)Include (4) hotline and reporting agencies phone numbers.


-Centers of Disease Control (CDC)
-World Health Organization (WHO)
-Department of Health
-Orange County Public Health TB Clinic
( )

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