What is a stem cell

Writing Assignment #2 – (Individual only)
1. This is an individual research paper with a three page minimum – Write a
research paper (minimum of 3 pages) discussing Stem Cell research.
NOTE: This paper requires a minimum of three different reference
Make sure to include the following:
a. What is a stem cell?
b. Why are they so important in health care.
c. What is the history of stem cell research –
i. when did this type of research start,
ii. who was involved
iii. how far have we come.
iv. What is it currently being used for and what are the hopes
for the future.
v. What problems have occurred along the way
d. What is the controversy surrounding stem cell research?
e. Do you agree or disagree with stem cell research. Please be as
specific as possible. f. Make sure to correctly site any references using either MLA or APA
g. Make sure to adhere to the 25% from another source (safe assign)

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