Professional Accountability & Legal Liability

Over the years there has been a rapid evolution in the healthcare sector which has significantly altered the roles and responsibilities of nurses and other healthcare professionals. Professional Accountability & Legal Liability is a critical area in nursing which is meant at ensuring that nursing students are aware of their responsibilities within the healthcare sector. Professional responsibility, for instance, refers to the mandate of nursing when carrying out their duties and what they are meant to achieve. Legal liability, on the other hand, refers to the legal provisions in the healthcare sector for nurses. Understanding of Professional Accountability & Legal Liability makes it possible for nurses to be able to deliver nursing care to patients in the right way as well as avoiding legal suits.

Professional Accountability & Legal Liability Tests

Nursing students are commonly tested on Professional Accountability & Legal Liability to determine the understanding of their roles and legal consequences. For instance, nurses are responsible for promoting safe and effective patient care which is critical to enhance the healing process and ensure that the patients do not overstay in the hospitals. Failure to promote safe patient care could result in nursing students facing legal suits as a result of negligence and other consequences. Nursing is also responsible for maintaining high clinical standards in all settings where they work and ensure that there is no compromise on the quality of care. This is part of the professional accountability that nurses are trained on when pursuing a course in nursing. In addition, nursing students are tested on the Nursing Practice Act, the state board of nursing administrative rules and regulations as well as policies within the healthcare sector that have legal implications. With this understanding, nursing students are able to come up with effective strategies for reducing legal risk when at work as well as improving the quality of care they offer to patients.

Academic help on Professional Accountability & Legal Liability

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